Custom Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access Interface for Window 2012

Microsoft Remote Desktop web Access Services, still wide called Terminal Services, RD web or RD web 2012. This can be third generation family of the Web-based access portal for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. This version introduced two new flavors that got introduced with Windows Server 2012 Virtual machine based desktop readying and Session based desktop readying. Is your Microsoft Outlook web access interface or OWA lightweight interface boring and default? will customize it together with your ideas – your stigmatization your way! Contact Interface Planet to debate your needs more and acquire a quote, and see below for simply a number of of endless customizations and modifications we will build to your Outlook web Access.

As a old Microsoft Terminal Services administrator and advisor back from the NT 4 days, I will tell you that things have modified a good deal – however at the core, it’s all still an equivalent. The largest modification is that Terminal Services was renamed Remote Desktop Services. I still decision it Terminal Services, as a result of it’s a tough name to drop when such a large amount of years operating with terminal services and remote desktop services. To login to TS web over the net you used the previous customary Windows Authentication Box.

Microsoft RD web access, otherwise called RD web or RD 2008 R2, is that the second generation of a forepart web based mostly access portal for Microsoft Terminal Services. Out Custom Remote Desktop web access 2008 R2 interface package includes; style to client’s existing complete parts, style integration into all pages of Microsoft RD web Access 2008 R2, Install on first Server, and install Document for unlimited in house deployments.

Custom Rdweb 2012

Custom Rdweb 2012 provides extra customizations services for RD web Access 2008 R2 interface. Below square measure a number of the options of our Custom Branded RD web 2008 R2 Interface custom module we tend to offer:

Password modification for Remote Desktop web Access 2008 R2

Displaying web site links
Display any User Account
Twitter Integrating Module
Integrating Captcha with Login Screen
Integrating of Outlook web App and Outlook net Access
Facebook Integrating Module
Remember ME Module Username/Password
Posting Announcements & Authentication

We tend to create the Custom Login Page for TS web and else an easy exit Button to the when login screens. We tend to paired this with our Custom Branded TS net Demo and offered it as an interface customization service. we tend to had a default version that we have offered to our customers, keeping everything default however adding a forms based mostly authentication page and a exit button to the default Terminal Services web access website.

Custom Rd Web Access 2012 Portfolio

Custom Rd Web Access 2012 Portfolio

Then we have to additionally started trickling out TS web. Initial we have to our Announcement component, then our Company Links component, AD division component, and Twitter Feed component. Then we have to start making a lot of add-ons for TS web, like our Downloads Module and our Documents Module. Then we have to take it a step forward: Since we tend to currently were victimization associate degree FBA Page to log users in, we have to know we might pass that data to Outlook web App (OWA) for Single sign in from TS web to OWA. Therefore we tend to else a Mail Tab to TS web and embedded OWA right into TS net. Customers favored this practicality and that we did lots of Custom Branded Microsoft TS web Access Interfaces for clients.

Then Windows 2008 R2 was discharged. Microsoft add a FBA Login Page and added a exit feature. Therefore what was missing in Microsoft Remote Desktop net Access – RD Web? i assumed concerning it for somewhat whereas, and therefore the very first thing we tend to did was to bring all the custom modules we tend to build for TS web over to RD web.

We originally created this portal for Microsoft RD Web Access Services We have tob Access 2008 R2, however as shortly as RD web Access 2012 was discharged we tend to created a brand new demo and brought this very important customization over to RD web 2012, in addition as all of our custom modules created for TS web and RD web within the past.

We have taken RD web because it has developed and tricked it out on the far side its original practicality. We’ve helped the product to become increase, building momentum with each recreate of RD web that Microsoft has liberated.

We builds stigmatization for remote desktop web access interface for window 2012, match your current complete identity, logo, color theme and layout. Get a free quote!


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