CItrix Web Interface OR Citrix Storefront?

During a XenApp or XenDesktop design, this is one of the most frequently asked and most discussed points – Which one is to choose between Citrix web interface and Citrix storefront web interface?
Normally, the answer is actually fairly simple and accurate. It is fairly recommended to build new solutions based on Citrix StoreFront, since new features will not be added to Web Interface and end of life has been announced for Web Interface. Web Interface 5.4 is the last version that Citrix will be cathartic. In future, Citrix will have updates only for StoreFront. That’s why, it has become a topic of debate when architecting a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop solution.
Also, not so significantly, Web Interface does not support XenDesktop 7 or later. Thus solely in situations where XenApp 6.5 or XenDesktop 5 is deployed Web Interface remains a viable choice. For all different situations you wish to pay some thoughts on the way to style your Storefront setting.

Citrix web Interface
Web Interface has been around for roughly 10+ years, initial released as NFuse, and as a method of accessing revealed applications each internally and outwardly. Over the years, Citrix has created varied updates to web Interface, However, the framework has a lot of or less stayed a similar. Citrix conjointly provides integration of Web Interface with the NetScaler resolution.

StoreFront was released by Citrix just few year ago. There have been several problems with the initial release of Storefront and plenty of corporations didn’t get on the bandwagon and begin commutation their web Interface servers with Storefront. The present version, 2.1, is much more stable, though it still has varied problems and isn’t as stable as web Interface. However, this can be the direction Citrix is going; really, several of the new options Citrix is cathartic need front. For instance, internet Interface isn’t supported with Citrix XenDesktop 7.

Citrix StoreFront Web Interface

Citrix StoreFront Web Interface

It is observed that many people wants to stay with Citrix web Interface until they are forced to go with Storefront. Some of the reasons for the following are:-
• The client is utilizing the Web Interface integration on the NetScaler resolution and doesn’t need to implement Windows-based servers for web Interface (Please, note that NetScaler resolution presently doesn’t support integrated StoreFront)
• The client incorporates a customized web Interface that will required to be reborn to StoreFront.
• The client integrates with another VPN resolution that submit to the authentication to web Interface, this practicality might not exist with Storefront yet.
• The client has associate in assisting older Citrix XenApp farm (StoreFront solely supports XenApp/XenDesktop 5.0 and above)
These are the reasons, why customers are staying with Web Interface. Although, StoreFront acquiring more and more latest updated features, along with the end of life of Citrix Web Interface, the move to Citrix StoreFront is quite beneficial.

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