Look, How cool we customize Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access

Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access Services also known as Terminal Services. This is said as the third generation family of the Web-based access portal for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2012 and Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2008 are the most useful RD Web Access Services.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2012 has the advantages as this version introduced the two new flavors that got introduced with Windows Server 2012 Virtual machine-based desktop deployment and Session-based desktop deployment.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access 2008 enable users to access Remote App and Desktop connection remotely using a TS client or a web browser from a computer that is running the required version of windows to run the remote connection Active control.

The key features of RD Web – “Access your computer/resource anytime from anyplace in the world. No need to rush to the office during emergency”.


Interface Planet provides custom RD Web Access Interface including design to the user’s Brand Elements and Design Integration into all the pages of Remote Desktop Web Access, install on server, install document.

Interface customization services are fully professional, secure, user-friendly and of wide range with having the latest trends and technologies. It will add much more features to your IT infrastructure. You can create unique brand identity worldwide over Internet with Customized Web Interface Solution with your own personalized design.

Interface Planet provides additional customization’s services for RD Web Access interface. Below are some of the features of our Custom Branded RD Web Interface custom module we offer:

  • Twitter & Facebook Integration Module
  • Password Change for RD Web Access 2008 R2
  • Posting Announcements & Authentication
  • Displaying website links
  • Display any AD User Account
  • Integration Captcha with Login Screen
  • Integration of Outlook Web App and Outlook Web Access
  • Downloads Module (Add/Edit/Delete Downloads for All Users)
  • Documents Module (Add/Edit/Delete Downloads for All Users)
  • Remember Me Module Username/Password

Hire the services of Interface Planet to brand your company’s RD Web Access with exclusive personalized design, that matches with your current brand identity, like logo, color theme and layout.

remote desktop web access customization

Remote Desktop Web Access inner page


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