Customized Themes for Outlook Web App

We all are familiar with Outlook Web App. Outlook Web App (OWA), allows you to check your email, contacts, calendar, tasks and documents over the internet from any computer and browser.


Although, Microsoft provides some common themes by default with Outlook Web App. Most of the users simply keep the default theme and color scheme. While, many corporate wants to change the default theme and willing to have their own custom design in own style branded with their corporate identities like logo, tagline and website.

You can customize Microsoft Outlook Web App in such a way that it looks like a part of your corporate offerings. You can add your logo, your corporate site theme to Microsoft Outlook Web App to make it a seamless part of your organization.

Microsoft Outlook Web App  Logon Pages

Microsoft Outlook Web App Logon Pages

Microsoft Outlook Web App Mail Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App Mail Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App Calendar Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App Calendar Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App My Contact Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App My Contact Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App My Task Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App My Task Page

The Customization process will be done on the following pages of Outlook Web App –

  • Outlook Web App Customization of login screen
  • Outlook Web App Customization of all inner pages
  • Outlook Web App Customization of logoff screen, with close and Re-Login buttons.

Visit the Custom live Outlook Web App demos to know how cool we can customize the interface themes for Microsoft Outlook web App.

Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway

Brand your Company’s Portal according to own needs

Now a days, each of us is looking for change, it is seen that many companies are busy in creating his/her identity. As, Internet Technology is growing rapidly day by day. So, it has become a challenge for a company to create uniqueness over the internet.

The solution for above discussed solution is Customization of Web Interface. It is the method of creating your company’s portal according to your company branding. This will help you to create your unique identity over the internet with your own personalized design. With the help of this, anyone can customize his/her company’s profile in much easier & effective way. In other way, Interface customization helps in availing many services like personalization of company profile, fast and secure access to information and user friendly web page.

Citrix web Interface

Actual concept of Customization and Personalization, Is this really helpful –

Every company has huge set of data. There is slightly difference in customizing and personalizing your data. Personalization means that the changes made are focused on implicit data, such as pages viewed. In the same place, customization is used instead when the site only uses explicit data such as ratings or preferences. Web pages are personalized based on the characteristics (interests, social presence and context) of an individual.

Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway

So, if your company looking for fully customize web interface services according to your company profile having your company logo and tagline. Just go with Interface Customization Services. This helps user in branding your existing company’s profile for better experience and make a unique identity of your company.

These services allows any user to access information anytime from anywhere with full security and integrity to their customers.

Citrix CloudPortal Interface

Interface Planet is the best known for interface customization services in the world. Here, you can get unique and best interface customization services that are being offered by very few companies in the world. The interface customization services offered by Interface Planet includes Citrix Web Interface, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway, Microsoft Outlook Web App and Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access.

Microsoft Outlook web App 2013 Custom Themes

Interface Planet : Here we presenting the customize themes of Microsoft Outlook web App 2013, I hope you will really gonna like this.


This is a Log on page,


This is also  a Log on page, For more page and More custom themes of Microsoft Outlook web App 2013, CLICK HERE,


Custom Microsoft RD Web Access 2012 Portfolio Theme

Interface Planet: Our creative designers now create a custom demo theme of Microsoft RD Web Access 2012 Portfolio. Which is really attractive and fresh.


This is Our customize Log on page theme.


This is the customize theme of other pages.

For more custom demo themes of Microsoft RD Web Access 2012 Portfolio, CLICK HERE,

Microsoft TS Web Access Portfolio Custom Themes

Interface Planet : In corporate world there should be regular upgradation everywhere, to make the thing flexible, uncomplicated and easy . To keep this in mind our passionate Designers create the custom themes of Microsoft TS Web Access Portfolio.


Here we are showing the custom theme of Log on pages.


For more pages themes and for more Themes of  Microsoft TS Web Access Portfolio, CLICK HERE

Citrix Receiver for Web Portfolio Custom Theme

Interface Planet : Our designers of Interface Planet creates the new custom themes of Citrix Receiver for Web Portfolio. We are showing you the Log on Pages.




These are the Custom Themes of Log on Page.

For More pages themes and  for more themes of Citrix Receiver for Web Portfolio, CLICK HERE


Interface Planet: Here is the Custom theme of Citrix Cloudportal Portfolio designed by our Designers. Now it becomes so comfortable and flexible, with full of attractiveness. This is Log in page, whereas we have more other pages,  For more you can Click on the link mentioned in bottom



For more Demo Themes and details CLICK here .